Kyria Accredited Again by Investors in People

Kyria Accredited Again by Investors in People

Kyria first gained recognition as an Investor in People (IIP) in January 2006, and we’re proud to announce that not only has Kyria maintained our status following a review by IIP in January 2018 against the new framework, we’ve been recognised at the Silver level.

Here at Kyria, we’ve always believed in the importance of investing in people and treating them the right way, and it’s great that Investors in People have continued to recognise us.

“I’m delighted that Kyria has been awarded IIP accreditation at the Silver Level. While it’s important for a company’s reputation to get these types of awards, what really matters is that it accurately reflects reality. Our preparation for this review was zero – the briefing was ‘tell it like it is – because that’s the only way we can identify things we need to improve’. I’ve always understood that it’s the people that make the difference and we set high standards during recruitment. We have a great team and it’s really encouraging that in the IIP survey carried out as part of the review, we came out well above the average benchmark, both for our sector and for the UK overall. The report has identified the areas that we need to focus on to improve further, which will be invaluable to support our future growth.” -  Howard Perkins, Kyria Managing Director

Included in the IIP Report were several anonymous quotes from Kyria staff members, including “I chose the Kyria culture, it was more appealing than some other organisations”.  The IIP Accreditor commented on this quote by stating “This strong ethos and culture is an undoubted strength of the company and gives it ‘an edge’ over competitors.”

Over the past year, Agile has continued to play an increasing role within Kyria, and the IIP report highlights this. “It is very clear that the introduction and commitment to the Scrum process has been transformational for Kyria and as the process beds in and develops, I am sure this will lead to even more tangible benefits.”

While it’s great to receive Silver level accreditation, we’re not taking this for granted and we are committed to keep fostering a supportive and positive work atmosphere in the Kyria office, where people want to go to work. As we continues to grow we will face new and different challenges but we’re confident that we can meet those challenges as they arise and maintain Kyria as a supportive and rewarding place to work.

Simon Heptinstall,

Marketing Officer