Kyria Adds an In-house Product Owner to the Team

Kyria adds an in-house Product Owner to the team

For the last blog post of the year, we decided to talk to the latest member of the Kyria team, Business Analyst/Product Owner Graeme Lindsay. Graeme joined Kyria in November, having worked as a Product Owner in an agile environment in previous roles.

Prior to Graeme joining, Kyria had been on an extensive hunt to bring in an experienced Business Analyst/Product Owner who would work closely with the development team and help us to deliver on our commitment to continuous improvement through the use of agile practices in software development.

Kyria: How has your first month been at Kyria?

Graeme: The first month has been very enjoyable and I have been made to feel extremely welcome in the team. I’ve worked out pretty quickly that there’s a lot to learn! I’ve got plenty of experience and a firm understanding of the Product Owner role, so I’ve been initially concentrating on developing my domain knowledge of our stakeholder’s needs and wants and how they engage with the software applications that we develop for them.

K: You’ve worked in an Agile environment for a number of years now, what are your thoughts on how Kyria uses Agile/Scrum?

G: I have been very impressed with the level of knowledge and commitment shown by the development team to ensure our stakeholder’s expectations are met and exceeded. I believe the basic building blocks are in place for a successful scrum team, and in my short time here I have implemented a few small changes to enable the team and stakeholders to visualise the progress being made.

K: During your first week here at Kyria, Agil8 provided further Agile training to Kyria and CCL, including a session on the role of the Product Owner, how did you find that?

G: I’ve worked with Agil8 before in previous roles and found their training sessions to be extremely engaging and insightful into Agile processes. To have them come to the office, and for the whole team to be present in the training session, was a fantastic opportunity for everyone to spend a couple of days away from development work, learn more about putting Agile processes into practice and concentrate on team improvements.

K: And finally, what are your ambitions here at Kyria?

G: Kyria’s a fantastic company with great people and I already feel right at home. My aim is to contribute to the ongoing growth of the company by building on the current relationships with stakeholders and ensuring we continue to deliver software that exceeds their expectations.

Graeme, thank you very much for your time.

Simon Heptinstall,

Marketing Officer