Kyria – Getting the Balance Right

Kyria – Getting the Balance Right

Getting the Balance Right

Last year we wrote a blog post on The Importance of Hiring Graduates and Interns, and in the 12 months since that post, we’ve hired three additional members of staff who have recently graduated from university. So, for this month’s blog post, we’ve written a small follow up piece to emphasise both our commitment to hiring graduates, and at the same time, making sure we get the balance right between youth and experience to continue delivering high-quality software.

When younger, less experienced members of staff first join a new company, it’s important to get more experienced staff members to introduce them to specific business processes, as well as help bridge any gaps in knowledge. In our office, it’s a common sight to see more experienced software developers take younger staff members under their wing. This not only spreads knowledge but also quickly builds strong working relationships between new and existing employees.

It helps that we only hire highly skilled, naturally curious and hardworking graduates; they pick up the work at hand very quickly and start contributing to the team straight away. This is crucial when you’re delivering software in an Agile environment, as detailed in last month’s blog post.

Of course, while new employees start contributing straight away, the learning never stops, no matter how long you’ve been here. Working together as a team and sharing knowledge is something we promote here every single day, and we believe it’s key to both a happy office and to delivering great software.

Right now, the office is a good mix of young and old(er) and we feel we’ve got the balance right between youth and experience, partly because the younger members of staff offer so much both technically and personally, and partly because our existing software developers have helped build an atmosphere where learning is encouraged, and knowledge is shared.

We’re proud of the team we’ve built here at Kyria, of the atmosphere in the office and of the work we produce. When you have the right balance, you can achieve great things.

If you’re interested in working at Kyria, why not check out our blog post on what it takes to work here.

Simon Heptinstall,

Marketing Officer.