Kyria Office Move

Kyria Office Move

Here at Kyria, we're not averse to an office move. As we've continued to grow and add more staff, moving offices has become part of the norm here. Though on this particular occasion, unlike with our last move just under a year ago, we didn't move far. In fact, we stayed in the same building and on the same floor.
To celebrate moving into our new, larger office, we decided to write a blog post on some of the points we consider before moving office.

A key consideration before we move into any new office is the availability and quality of light. Natural light is of great importance to us and an office without good natural light is not an office we would move into. In fact, the Responsible Workplace study determined that windows were the number one factor linked to employee satisfaction in the work place.
Of course any office, especially one based in Scotland, needs more than just natural light. It's important to us that the artificial light we use makes the office a better place to work and complements the natural light. Ours is a bright and positive office, but we also take care to balance that brightness so as to make it not overpowering. If you're looking for more information on artificial lighting, you can read this piece on Life Hack.

Floors and Walls
There's little point in getting the lighting right if you're then going to ruin all your hard work by having dark and dingy floors and walls. When we moved into our previous office, we made two simple requests that made a big difference. In fact, it worked so well that we made the same requests for our new office.

The first step was to have the walls painted white, to make the room feel fresh and bright. Then secondly, to complement the bright and simple white walls, we requested new, fresh carpet that was as pleasant to walk on as it was to look at. These two simple things, combined with high levels of natural light and good quality artificial light, help make the Kyria office a very pleasant place to work.

By making good decisions on lighting, walls and carpeting, we were able to make simple yet meaningful changes that positively impacted the Kyria office for the people working here.

Staff Feedback
Before the move happened, we had several in-office discussions about the office move. This meant that every staff member had their voice heard and allowed the Kyria staff to help shape the environment of the new office.

The first thing we decided was to remove the existing desk wall partitions. This was a continuation of the policy from previous offices and kept the Kyria office feeling open and accessible. Our next decision was to have a wall knocked through between two small rooms. This created a large meeting room that's perfect for meetings of any size. By getting staff feedback on those two topics and others like them, we were able to shape the new office around the people who work here. As we see it, this is the key to any office move; make the new office a place where your staff want to work, while maximising space and giving yourself room to grow.

Any office move takes considerable time to plan and organise, but the positive effect felt by Kyria since the move has made it all worth it. If you have your own thoughts on what points to consider before moving offices, especially if you're currently planning an office move, we'd love to hear about it in the comments section below.

If you're interested in joining our growing staff, then you can read the Kyria Careers blog post on what it takes to be a Software Developer at Kyria. Though If we keep adding staff at the current rate, this might not be the last Kyria office move of 2016.

Simon Heptinstall,

Marketing Officer.