Kyria Summer Internship

Kyria Summer Internship

My name is Maria-Luiza Koleva, I am a student of Computing Science at the University of Glasgow and for the past three months I have been on an internship at Kyria. Being in IT was never my original plan, but during my first year at university I took an elective course Introduction to Computational Thinking, because I thought it sounded interesting and useful.

That was my first exposure to programming and it quickly became intriguing to me, especially figuring out problems and devising solutions. I found myself not only spending more time on this course than any of the others, but also enjoying it more and being better at it. As a result, I changed my degree and I am very glad that I did.

During my second year of university, roughly a year after I had made my decision to change courses, I was eager to get some experience in the real world. I saw the position at Kyria advertised through the university and once I learned more about the company, thought that they would be a good fit for me. I was interested in the different projects that were being worked on and excited by the opportunity to learn a new programming language, but what truly made up my mind was meeting the people at Kyria at my interview, and seeing the atmosphere of collaboration and friendship.

My work at Kyria involves converting old Active Server Pages (ASP) into Model-View-Controller (MVC). I feel that this task is particularly well-suited to an intern or a person with less experience because I always have an example, which is the legacy code, to look at and I believe this is the best way to learn.Of course, I also enjoy the help of my colleagues who have taught me so much over the course of these past three months. I feel lucky to have always had people around to answer my questions, make helpful suggestions and guide me through this learning process.

The more time I spend on my internship, the more I appreciate it, especially when compared to other placement opportunities that I've heard about from friends. Perhaps my favourite aspect of this opportunity is the fact that I am able to do real work that will be tested, deployed, and then used by people in their workspace. It's a very worthwhile and satisfying experience to talk to clients, hear their opinions and suggestions and then work on improvements for them. Naturally, there have been challenges along the way for me. There have been tasks I was not sure how to complete when I first looked at them, but I believe this is the whole point of an internship. It makes it that much more satisfying once a solution is devised.

I will shortly be starting my third year of university, but this time I am not as nervous as I've been before. I now have confidence that there is a strategy for every challenge, a positive outcome from any problem. This, like so many other lessons, I learned while working at Kyria.

Maria-Luiza Koleva,

Kyria Intern.