Kyria and Technology: Culture, Evolution and Revolution

Kyria and Technology: Culture, Evolution and Revolution

Kyria and Technology: Culture, Evolution and Revolution

The advancement of technology is a standard part of modern life. From touch-screen smart watches, to superfast broadband, the evolution and revolution of technology continues to change life both at home and work. And life at Kyria is no different.

Kyria believes strongly in creating and maintaining a positive working environment – one where knowledge sharing and ongoing learning and development is encouraged and promoted. This has played a key role in Kyria�s growth as a company, and part of that, we believe, is building an internal culture where having a passion for technology is encouraged and is part of normal working life inside the Kyria office.

An example of this is our support for side projects such as self-build quadcopters. Such projects are not only great fun, but at the same time promote technology, teamwork and innovation, which are all vital components to Kyria's ongoing success.

Technology evolves, that's what it does. The evolution of technology leads to cultural shifts that overtime dramatically changes the world around us. It creates new job opportunities, makes old jobs obsolete and alters how business is done.

As with all companies in our sector, this change affects all aspects of life within Kyria. The technology we use is constantly evolving, with new Operating System platforms, language versions and developer tools being released continuously. These changes rapidly flow through to the products and services we offer.

As the saying goes, "Change is a Constant".

Technologies and products will always continue to improve and evolve, but every so often, new technologies can cause a revolution that changes everything. A technology revolution is disruptive, and opens up a new world of possibilities and expands a business in ways thought previously impossible.

Kyria's main product is SIMPLE, a warehouse operations system designed to increase efficiency and improve traceability. SIMPLE uses barcode-scanning, label printing and a touch screen interface, amongst other things, to provide an accurate and time-saving product that our clients love. And while continued improvements to SIMPLE help the product evolve, revolution will also have its part to play.

Right now we are assessing how integrating new technologies such as augmented reality and wearable devices can play a part with SIMPLE. And by working with our clients and discussing their needs, we can offer them the best technological solutions and help them meet their goals and ambitions.

To summarise then, Kyria's internal culture is shaped by our passion for technology, and this shared love of technology helps add to the strong bond within our office. The continued evolution of both the products and services we provide, and the internal systems we use, allows Kyria to keep improving and offering greater value for money to our clients. And by keeping our eyes on the horizon and evaluating new technologies that can revolutionise how business is done, we can explore exciting new directions that can potentially offer massive customer benefits.

To view what SIMPLE has already done for Swagelok Paris and Swagelok Scotland, go to our SIMPLE page.

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Simon Heptinstall,

Kyria Marketing Officer.