The Importance of Hiring Graduates and Interns

The Importance of Hiring Graduates And Interns

As Kyria has grown and we've hired additional experienced software developers to take on the work, we've recognised the need for younger staff members to join the company too. Over the summer, Kyria took on two student interns, as well as two recent university graduates, and we've already felt the benefit of young people complementing our more experienced staff.

"Enthusiasm is one of the most important qualities that a graduate can bring to the workplace. Of course they need the basic skills and knowledge learned at University, but that is just a foundation, and it is enthusiasm that will drive them to prove themselves and build on that potential. As an employer, it's exciting to see them develop and to anticipate how far they might go." Howard Perkins, Kyria Managing Director

Here are just some benefits of hiring graduates and interns, for both employers and employees:

Cultural give and take
A graduate's recent experience of learning, problem-solving and presenting their work offers employers the chance to hire someone with an excellent foundation who can be moulded by the culture of the company. This allows best practices within the organisation to pass to younger employees who can grow as the company does. Picking up the right work habits can last a lifetime and give a graduate key advantages in the job market.

But this relationship with the culture of the company goes both ways. Due to their years in a learning environment, graduates offer the value of  "why?" - asking questions when others may not. This can result in a company re-assessing their way of working, leading to improved business practices and procedures.

New ideas and skill sets
Every company needs to achieve the right balance between youth and experience, but for a technology company, that's particularly important. Graduates and interns are tech savvy and at the forefront of adopting new technologies and thinking differently about the world around them. Hiring people fresh out of university, with a different skillset to more experienced employees, is hugely beneficial to organisations and can provide both short and long-term gains to the company.

Hire for a specific task
Interns and graduates offer a great option when a business has specific tasks that need to be completed. Hiring the right graduates or interns to take on those tasks has benefits to both the employee, who gains valuable experience and new skills, and the employer, who gets an enthusiastic new employee to take on an area of work that's not currently being covered.

Our interns this summer were tasked with re-implementing existing functionality using the latest design patterns and frameworks. This specific task suited their experience level, allowing them to take on manageable challenges that developed their skills in C# and the Microsoft platform (something not covered during their course) while at the same time taking on an important job that benefited the company by removing technical debt from the application.

While graduates and interns may require a little extra support and guidance when starting a new job compared to more experienced staff, this is countered by a vast number of upsides. Hiring skilled, enthusiastic young people plays into our belief in knowledge sharing and collaboration. We like to think that this internal culture makes Kyria the perfect place for people to work, especially students and graduates.
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Simon Heptinstall,

Marketing Officer.