Useful Apps Used by Kyria

Useful Apps Used by Kyria

For this month’s blog post, we decided to focus on some of the apps and add-ons that we like to use here at Kyria to make life just that little bit easier. The following tools are all free to use and are currently being used by people at Kyria. For boring legal reasons, we must point out that Kyria doesn’t officially endorse any of these products.

Name: Toggl

Where to get it: You can use Toggle on their website, link above, or download a desktop version for Mac, Windows and Linux.

What is it? Toggl is an easy to use time tracker. Toggl makes tracking how you spend your time at work quicker and more accurate.

Why we like it: Toggl is well designed and makes life much easier for recording your time. Simply press the go button and the stopwatch starts. You can add as much as little information as you wish for the description of each record. You can create projects and clients, as well as tags, all totally editable and reusable. The Desktop version can be used offline and then instantly synced with the web version, allowing you to track time on the desktop and review and edit all your old records on the web.


Name: Test & Feedback

Where to get it: Chrome Extension, link above. Also available on Firefox.

What is it? Test & Feedback is an extension for Google Chrome and Firefox that allows you to record what’s happening in the browser, such as Screenshots, data entered in fields and system information. The extension is designed for anyone testing web pages.

Why we like it: The extension is very good for capturing exactly what has been done on screen, including screenshots with easy to understand annotations and notes on what data has been entered. You can also record video as well. This makes life easier for seeing exactly what you do on a web page and in which sequence. It can be connected to Visual Studio, allowing you to create “Bugs” in Microsoft’s Visual Studio straight from your browser.


Name: Unsplash Instant

Where to get it: Chrome Extension, link above.

What is it? Unsplash is a website that curates large, high-quality photographs from contributors all around the world. This Chrome Extension shows these high-definition, free to use photos every time you open a new tab.

Why we like it: A beautiful photograph appears in every tab you open, giving you something nice to look at before you enter your desired URL. Unsplash has a wide selection of photos, from forests and volcanos to skyscrapers and everyday life. All photos on Unsplash are 100% free for you to download and use/edit/share as you wish. The photographs are also great for use in blog posts.


Name: Snipping Tool and Snip

Where to get it: Snipping Tool comes pre-installed on all Windows Devices from Windows Vista onwards. Snip is available to download here. Not available on Mac.

What is it? Both of these apps are tools for saving custom sized screenshots. Simply select the size/shape you wish and the image will be ready to save or edit as you wish. The Snipping Tool gives you more control over snipping basic screenshots, while Snip has more of a multimedia application to it, allowing you to also take photos, add a voiceover and save it as a video.

Why we like it: Both apps allow you to copy the images and paste them anywhere you wish without having to save the image first. If you’re looking for a tool to screenshot a specific part of a page, go with Snipping Tool. It's more powerful for the basic stuff and the Delay feature can be very useful. If you’re looking for a straightforward multiple media tool built around saving screenshots, Snip is worth a try.


Name: Problem Steps Recorder (PSR)

Where to get it: Pre-installed on all Windows devices with Windows 7 onwards. Just search for PSR on your PC. Not available on Mac.

What is it? PSR records the pages/windows you visit, allowing you to review the steps you took to get to a problem. After you’ve finished recording the screen, it shows you these steps in a report that contains both text and screenshots.

Why we like it: PSR gives you a record of the pages you visited and the order in which you visited them. If you have multiple computer screens, it will record the screenshots for each of them and highlight which page you were clicking on at that time. It also allows you to add comments to a section of a page/window as you’re recording it.


Other apps we use in the office

Grammarly: A powerful Chrome extension that helps with typos and grammatical errors. Our software developer Andy describes it as a “spellchecker on steroids that checks everything you write online. Also, provides synonyms and definitions. It’s really grate. 🙂 ”

Https Everywhere: An extension for Chrome, Firefox and Opera which, if they support it, automatically makes websites use a more secure HTTPS connection instead of HTTP.

Simon Heptinstall,

Marketing Officer