Kyria Night Out: Zombie Quarantine and The Riddler

Kyria Night Out: Zombie Quarantine and The Riddler

On Thursday June 30th, Kyria employees spent the afternoon discussing work projects and core values, and spent the evening dealing with a Zombie Quarantine and The Riddler. As work days go, it was pretty eventful.

Every three months, Kyria holds a Quarterly Review Meeting (QRM). QRMs provide a chance for open discussion and give a voice to every employee, and allow all members of staff to be made aware of the current state of ongoing and future projects, as well as internal issues within the company

There is also another key aspect to QRMs: socialising. After each QRM, staff members spend the evening together in a more social environment. These work evenings can consist of anything from playing pool, to going out to a nice restaurant. This time around, we decided to do something a little different. After a close-run vote was conducted on Slack, we decided to go to the Escape Rooms in Glasgow.

For those not familiar with Escape Rooms, the concept is pretty simple: a group of people go into a themed room and have one hour to solve puzzles and escape. Escape Rooms promote team-work and problem-solving and make ideal group activities for companies looking for something a little different to a standard work night out.

Staff numbers dictated that two rooms would be required, and as a result while half of Kyria Ltd took on the challenge of defeating The Riddler, the other half tried to escape from a zombie quarantine. As you can imagine, we had a lot of fun.

A strong part of Kyria's identity is knowledge sharing. We believe in the power of working as a team and using collective knowledge and skills to tackle problems, and that made the Escape Rooms the perfect challenge for us. We're happy to report, as you can tell from the photo above, that both teams successfully escaped the rooms in under the hour. There were some very happy faces afterwards.

One of the stipulations of participating in the Escape Rooms is not revealing any of the secrets afterwards. It's why we can't go into detail on this post, and it's why the two groups couldn't swap stories during the post-event dinner. However, just by teaming up with people you perhaps don't normally work alongside in the office, the staff grew closer, mingled more, and relationships were strengthened.

The point of the QRM is to openly discuss work issues during the day, and to grow closer as a group in the evening, and that's what ended up happening. And if you can throw in a zombie quarantine on top of that, all the better.

For more details on the Escape Rooms, you can visit their website.

Simon Heptinstall,

Kyria Marketing Officer.