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SIMPLE Testimony Eric Delizy Interview


Kyria caught up with Eric Delizy, President and CEO of Swagelok Paris to discuss what SIMPLE has done for them.

Eric Delizy

Kyria: Hi Eric, when did Swagelok Paris first introduce SIMPLE into the warehouse, and what was that process like for you?

Eric: We were the first non-English speaking site to implement SIMPLE. The whole project was deployed in less than 3 months' time, from August to November 2014. We received very professional support from Kyria from day one, which immediately gave us great confidence in the product and in Kyria.

Kyria: Has SIMPLE increased efficiency in your warehouse?

Eric: We've seen a noticeable difference in efficiency since switching to SIMPLE. Our warehouse associates recognise that working with SIMPLE has saved about 30% of the time needed to prepare and ship orders.

Kyria: Does SIMPLE make picking orders easier?

Eric: It definitely does. SIMPLE gives the warehouse associates a clear list of all orders to be prepared. The associates can sort the list to prioritise picking as needed. They can combine several orders into a single shipment for a single customer, or combine all orders that contain tubing for example.

Kyria: Have you seen a reduction rate in errors since implementing SIMPLE?

Eric: We have. Our error rate is now virtually zero. With SIMPLE, every stage of storage and picking involves scanning parts, and addresses where they are physically stored, which makes errors almost impossible.

Kyria: How has SIMPLE improved traceability?

Eric: The traceability that SIMPLE offers is really important to us and our customers. SIMPLE generates a file with the heat code of all picked products, which allows customer service employees to retrieve this information and request certificates from Swagelok without delay.

Kyria: Have your Customers seen any changes with SIMPLE?

Eric: Very much so. SIMPLE generates a label that includes the picture of the product, along with all the important information such as the customer order number. SIMPLE offers very professional packaging.

Kyria: Are there any other aspects of SIMPLE that stand out?

Eric: One aspect of SIMPLE that is very important is reporting. SIMPLE provides statistics about everything in the warehouse to those who need it. For example, the operations performed by each of the associates are shown graphically, which helps us understand our throughput.

Kyria: And finally, would you recommend SIMPLE to other Swagelok distributors?

Eric: I would, and I have!

Kyria: Eric Delizy, President and CEO of Swagelok Paris, thank you very much for chatting with us.

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